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Retro Consoles & Tech Repairs

This is a website to accompany the Borderline OCD YouTube channel.

Here you'll find my Shop where you can support the channel by purchasing some merch.

I'll also host information here for upcoming contests and giveaways.

2024 update

I'm currently on a hiatus from YouTube, exploring and enjoying other hobbies. I initially launched this channel in earnest back in 2020 during the "event(s)" of that year, which made my time indoors both enjoyable and rewarding. Fast forward four years, and my passion for working on retro consoles remains strong – in fact, I've dedicated two rooms in my house to it! However, at present, I'm nurturing other interests and spending my free time outdoors with friends. While I do plan to return to console repairs at some point, for now, I appreciate your patience. If you're willing to stick around until then, I look forward to reconnecting with you in the near future.

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