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Contests & Giveaways

Information regarding upcoming contests, sweepstakes and giveaways will be posted here.

Next giveaway at 50,000 subscribers!

Previous giveaways winners:

25,000 subscribers Game Gear (A recapped Game Gear w/ new case and glass screen)

  1. Chris Henthorn (USA)

25,000 subscribers (TS100 Soldering Iron Kit, iFixit Moray Driver Kit, Pocket Multimeter)

  1. BDougherty (USA)

  2. Kfir Study (Israel)

  3. Marko Sardelic (Croatia)

10,000 subscribers (TS100 Soldering Iron Kit)

  1. Kim Kvist (Denmark)

  2. Moandain Designs (USA)

8,000 subscribers (iFixit Mako Driver Kit)

  1. Kyo Kim (USA)

  2. DobrodruhTom (Slovakia)

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